Allergy Testing

My nutrition practice is affiliated with Daniel Muppidi, M.D., a specialist in allergy, asthma, and clinical immunology. For over 10 years, his practice, Metrowest Allergy Associates, PC in Framingham, MA, has been providing diagnostic and treatment service for various allergy problems including hay fever, sinus problems, asthma, food allergy, insect sting allergy, eczema, and other immunological disorders. 

The following medical conditions are evaluated and managed:

  1. Hayfever
  2. Asthma
  3. Evaluation of Chronic cough, sinus problems, headaches
  4. Evaluation of recurrent ear problems or infections
  5. Reactions to foods and Food allergy
  6. Reactions to latex and medications (Penicillin and other drugs)
  7. Allergy to pets
  8. Skin rashes: skin itching, reactions to cosmetics, poison ivy dermatitis, eczema etc.
  9. Reactions to “bee stings” and other insects
  10. Recurrent or chronic infections
  11. Immune deficiency disorders
  12. Anaphylaxis and other reactions


Further information about Dr. Muppidi’s practice is available here  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with him, please contact me.

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