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My ideal patient is someone who wants to learn connections between food and health, as well as, clean eating and healthy ingredients to put into AND onto their body. After working with me, we redefine what the patient’s new normal is. A good day for my patient is surviving the day symptom free.

Patients who see me fall in three categories: 1) weight loss or gain, 2) eating to manage a medical diagnosis (e.g., IBD, Crohn’s, Celiac, AutoImmune Disorder), and/or 3) managing/eliminating acute or chronic symptoms related to chronic inflammatory conditions and symptoms related to autoimmune disorders, food and chemical allergies/sensitivities/intolerances, and microbiome gut imbalances. Most of my patients fall in all of these categories. 

Patients see me as their puzzle solver since the journey they want to start on is either new or they need to get back on track. There are a lot of pieces to figure out and we identify the priority to work on first and then go from there. We look at compatible foods, physical activity for body type, and work/life balance strategies to create an individualized plan that reclaims health and life simply and realistically. I teach patients how to put proper systems and structures in place to make good decisions.

Patients see me to gain basic knowledge (e.g., nutrition label reading, meal planning, how to boil an egg) to advanced knowledge (e.g., nutrition’s impact at the molecular/physiological level and the science behind an ingredient promoting health or disease).

In parallel to my nutrition work, I am an expert conference program developer and project leader for global business and scientific conferences. I help scientists and thought leaders learn how to improve their work and research in developing therapeutic solutions to positively impact patient health. I specialize in several subject areas including the microbiome. Below is a list of the upcoming microbiome conferences I produce and develop the technical content & agenda for:
1. Microbiome-Based Precision Medicine (

2. Targeting the Microbiome (

In my nutrition practice, I translate the knowledge from my conferences and the science world to help patients. They learn the latest research to help them improve their health symptoms and define their new normal by understanding nutrition’s impact at the molecular and mitochondrial level. I address these biomedical imbalances through functional nutrition.

I am not your typical Dietitian. My work is based on bio-individuality. What is best and healthy for you is inflammatory for another.

Please peruse this web site to learn more about me and how I can help you. Please feel free to contact me with comments, questions and suggestions at any time.





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Helping You Make Health and Nutrition a Priority for You During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

In light of evolving updates and concerns around the Coronavirus, I continue to see patients online in lieu of meeting face-to-face in my office. I am able to safely deliver the quality care that patients expect from me. It’s unclear how long these virus safety measures will need to stay in place. This time presents an opportunity to continue protecting and improving your health. Healthy eating is critical for keeping your immune system in top condition.

If you need advice on steps to take to eat healthy, recipe ideas to inspire you, suggestions to improve your immune system, and/or questions about food access concerns, I am here for you! Health insurance is still covering costs for you to seek healthcare services from someone like me. Yes, I take health insurance!! Also, I can teach 1:1 or group cooking classes through Zoom. Reach out to me by clicking on “Contact” in the header of my website. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.